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Are you a singer/songwriter? We have the capabilities to turn your simple song idea into a fully produced final product. Our producers can add any instrument needed to make your song what you dreamed it could be. They are multi-talented songwriters, mixers, engineers, arrangers, and multi-instrumentalists. They have been on both sides of the microphone, and have extensive experience as musicians, both onstage and in the studio, giving our producers a first-hand understanding of what it takes to bring out your best performance.   

Recording -- $60/hr (4 hr minimum)


Whether you're a solo artist or band, we share your passion for music and you can rely on our expertise and attention to detail to help make a fantastic recording. Instead of just sticking a mic in front of your face and hitting the record button, we're ready and willing to contribute in whatever way possible to the success of your project. We believe in artist development and take the time to listen to you, treating everyone with the same care and attention whether you're a new artist or a Juno winner.


If you need your final Pro Tools session files, we charge a standard fee of $100

Recording Birthday Parties -- $500*


Is your son or daughter a vocalist or musician? Are you a parent, running out of unique birthday gift ideas? What if you could bring your kids into a professional recording studio, record a song, and everyone could go home with a CD of their performance. Have a birthday party that’s inspiring, educational and really fun! 7valley can help create a birthday memory for young musicians that will last forever.


*3-hour session includes: karaoke recording/mixing of 2-3 songs + CDs for kids as parting gift

Sample Video
Rehearsal -- $40/hr or $100 for 3 hour blocks


Our premium 450 Sq Ft live jam room with a full PA system offers a professional "stage-like" setup and experience. With an abundance of mics and amps, we hope you dig the 7valley studio vibe as much as we do!

Record Your Rehearsal -- $250*


Ever wonder what your band really sounds like? What better way than to record your rehearsal and leave with a final product that you can listen to on the drive home. Recording your rehearsal gives you the opportunity to critique your own music, improve gig setlists, or start pre-production work on a new album.


*3-hour session includes: 1 hour band setup, 1 hour recording, 1 hour editing/mixing (1 hour setup & tear down in-house)


We've come a long way from the declaration that, "Video killed the radio star". Video is not only fun, but an essential piece of content needed in your music career portfolio. Whether you just need raw footage or something polished, to instantly post online for your fans, we can produce a high-def music video for your band right in our studio.


Mastering -- $100/song


What does Mastering do for your music? It can be the difference between your project sounding like a garage band and a ready-for-radio release, giving your music the means to compete in the world of commercially released material. Mastering not only enhances your tracks from an artistic perspective, but also ensures problems like hiss and electrical hum and distortion, often missed in the recording process, are eliminated.


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